Saturday, May 6, 2017

It's Derby Time!

What an Adventure!  Derby time is the fastest 2 minute sport in history!  
The pom and circumstances for days before hand and then it's all over
and you wonder WHAT? happen!

We were at the Kentucky Derby several years ago--a bucket list ticked off!
we reserved our lodging months in advance; even planned our
dinner reservations then as well.

We attended the Oaks the day before the big day; We were ready for the BIG
day--sat through several smaller races and THEN, it was time

we had our big hats and
special dresses, guys in their cool shirts; 
we had seats right at the finish line--Whoa!  could't be any better than

And here they came to the finish line and
everyone stood up!  I couldn't see--
what horse came in first?  I missed it!

Oh, well! I was there!  I experienced the excitement of
the time!  Even if I didn't see the winner cross the finish line!

Here is the post for today's race--
have you picked your favorite?
We are headed to a Derby party and it's for sure
I'll see the finish at this one!

Good luck with your pick!!

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