Thursday, May 4, 2017

No Scrap Left Behind.................

No Scrap Left behind could mean couple of things--you are a member of the 'clean plate club' or you are a quilter that wants to use up every little bite of scrap fabric.  I think I could be a member of both of these clubs, but I'm thinking the scrap fabric club has less calories and takes some energy to accomplish.  There has been a blog hop  that features a new book by Amanda Jean "No Scrap Left Behind".

As usual, I'm days behind the official beginning of the hop and playing catch up is fun!  There are so many wonderful

featured on Needle and Foot blog--She took the idea from another free pattern
and ran with her idea!

Little nine patches!  what a great idea from Why Not Sew--
This is what friend Annette did with her small nine patch blocks--just
perfect scrap usage--in fact, she took all the birthday fat quarters we
had given her and made this lovely quilt!

Sew Something Good created this
Now, how could you not want to purchase this book?!! 

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