Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bucket List

Do you make lists?  I do!  There was always a notebook stuck to the refrigerator and a pencil was nearby--need something at the grocery, jot it on the list!  In today's world, I'm using an electronic reminder--Alexa or Echo!
It was a gift from #1 Son-- here is how I use it--when something is needed--I say, "Alexa, add to list".  She replies, "what shall I add?" I'll say "peanut butter".  She says "peanut butter has been added to your list!"  Isn't that the coolest thing in the world!  I know that other creatures like this are out there--what a way to make a list.

Another list, I'm making is a bucket list for the summer--do you do that?
Stitchfix has their own list of what they want to do this summer!
I could jot a few of those on my list too.

Daring to Live Fully has a HUGE list!!
It would take me longer than 3 months to accomplish 
even 1/4 of these things!

Iowa Girl Eats has a printable list for you to use--
it's much shorter list of fun things!

Seventeen for teens has a list too--so if you have a teenager, this one is for you!  I still
feel like a teen at times, so maybe some on this list is for ME!!

Hope you have fun coming up with your summer bucket list!

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