Thursday, February 16, 2017

Traveling Mississippi Gulf Coast

On our recent journey to Florida for our spinning conference, we stopped into the 
Mississippi Visitors Center, along Interstate 10.  I don't think we have ever
stopped here in the past 10 years--

Most people just hurry inside to use the facilities, but I walk around to see what
is on the grounds as every rest stop is different.  This one had lovely birds
perched in the tree tops

These birds were hand carved with chain saws and upon
further investigation, I learned the story behind these marvelous

After Hurricane Katrina, which was so disastrous to the Gulf Coast,
many of the lovely oaks and other hard wood trees stood bare
and naked to the sky.
Thank goodness, there are some who know what it feels like to be
striped of all dignity as many folks who lost their homes, these
trees stood as a reminder of the days that passed.

In true fashion, people rally behind those less fortunate and assist them to
rebuild their lives--such was the case of Marlin and Preston Miller--a father
and son team who took upon themselves the task of giving hope to those
who languished in this horrible storm. 
I was humbled to see these structures and reflected on that time in history.

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