Wednesday, February 22, 2017

12 Months of Techniques?

Okay--I need to stay off the internet!  Should do no more searching,
browsing, reading, cruising, exploring, adventuring............... 
Why?  I get into so much trouble--take a look at this......................
I stumbled upon a bag of techniques--Oh, golly, gee whiz, when can
I open it?  March 1st is what I've been told...
that's a while away--can I keep my patience steady and under wraps--
of course NOT!

Look at all these cool designers you too can enjoy!
Okay, so I'm an enabler, but I enjoy having company on
this exploration of knitting a year of different techniques--
and some of my favorite designers are adding to the pot of
knowledge; then there are others who just could be added
to my list of favorites!
With credit card in hand, I ordered that bag of techniques...
Hope it arrives soon--because, my curiosity is worse than a cat's! 

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