Saturday, February 4, 2017

I'm So Confused!

I'm so confused!  Well, it doesn't take much for me to be confused at this point!
Anyway, brown headed daughter and I watched the "The Gilmore Girls Revival"
on Netflix over Christmas.
Of course, she fell in love with one of the scarves that Paris was wearing........
"Gee, that's a great scarf," she said.  "Could you make that for me?"
Being the wonderful mother I am, I answered, "Of course!"
Then, I found the pattern and saw that it was 
double knit...................................oh, gee whiz--could I have
been more mistaken!
Not only, do I have not one, but two classes saved on Craftsy
on double knitting!  And, in true fashion, I've only watched lesson one on each
of the classes--

I'm willing to try this technique--glad to learn something new and different
in my warehouse of knitting.  I did understand the stripes--easy peazy!
But, then it has come to the chart part of the Dots and Dashes 

That's when I got so confused!  Okay, it's going to take at least lesson two or
three to conquer this part of the pattern.  I've got to wrap my mind around this
double knitting chart reading.  

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