Sunday, February 19, 2017

Progress on WIP...........

I know this isn't the best photo of my knitting progress--month two in
Estonian Scarf designed by Elizabeth Ravenwood (love her designs!)
And A Big Comfy Doghouse Ravelry group

Since this is fine handspun wool, and I'm adding beads 
(well, should be doing nupps!  but me and nupps
don't get along very well!) 

Here is the handspun yarn in all it's glory--I really like how
it is striping--still have more to spin, but so far knitting is a breeze, except

I wanted to use lace needles and I love, absolutely love
Hiya HiYa needles--interchangeable on cables--
and I treated myself!!

Why lace needles you ask?  Well, these needles have sharp points to make
it easier to pick up stitches, do SSK or K2tog--love them!

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