Thursday, February 23, 2017

Coloring Like A Youngster

Recently I wrote a blog post about this pattern that I found (as if it was lost!)
in my UFO pile.  It was time to get it out and begin work--why is it sometimes,
we just can't get motivated to do some patterns and there are others
we spend so much time on?  Oh, well, moving on.............

I copied off the pattern before we went on an extensive trip--got out my box
of crayons and begin to color and giggling all the time I
was coloring with my brand new box of Crayons!

So much fun!  Then the other day, I found a tutorial on what steps to
take for coloring this exact pattern.
I think I'll darken my boot more and maybe add more color to my
pumpkin, but overall
coloring on fabric is a hoot!!

I know that I'll have a completed quilt by October rolls around.........
IF I make the surrounding blocks!

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