Friday, February 17, 2017

Gifts! From A Friend!

Yes, it's few days late, but I did receive them before February 14th and it doesn't
really matter to me when I receive a gift..............

These are super cool!  Here is the recipe to make these great cozies for
your  wine glass.  Not only are they great to keep your wine glass cozy,

It's also great to remember which glass is yours--if you sit it down at
a party!

Another gift from friend Judy M were these adorable pillow covers!
she loved the fabric for herself but she thought of me
and my love of sheep and gave from her heart..........

how super dear these are to me!
Thanks so much Judy M!

Would like to find this fabric and gift it to her at a later date--
looking hard............
Always, fun to receive gifts.....
but I also like to gift............
may your heart be filled with lots of gifting and receiving!

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