Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weaving Inspiration!

It's back to the routine--January always brings out new thoughts, new beginnings, new challenges.  And I'm always ready to be inspired by my fellow weavers--who have been more production and creative than I have!
D'Anne purchased a new loom--Glimakra Band Loom and she really went to town with her weaving.

Using stash yarns (5/2 perle cotton) she wove and wove

colorful band weaving--perfect for a jacket or even a guitar strap

Gretchen enjoyed weaving workshop with Rosalie Neilson that she wove this
wonderful 'snowflake' table runner.

Take a look at one of Rosalie's video

Close-up of Gretchen's snowflake in Rep Weave

She also had these wonderful turned twill block woven towels

Same warp, different wefts!  Enchanting color changes--cottolin fiber
Karen I was at it with her small tapestry piece--super detail in this tiny (3"x5") piece

I love her backs too--she says she needs to weave in the ends, but
I like them just like this!

Karen I also had these lovely woven linen mats/towels
such wonderful weaving technique

She has an article in this month's Handwoven magazine--working with linen.

Her work is always superb!  Another article in the January/February Handwoven
is by Tracy on towels.  We had such a great knowledge of weaving in our
study group.

As an exercise, we played with colored papers and weave structures
or lack there of--fun just to play

and a good way to see how colors bounce of each other. 
Okay, I'm inspired for the month--what to weave?  and what color will I use? 

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