Friday, January 15, 2016

Under the Mighty Oak!

There is nothing like an oak tree--and it is amazing that from a seedling it grows to be mighty and bold.  Having lived in Louisiana for many years, the Oak was a symbol of love and endurance.  There are so many lovely oaks around the state.

Edna Szymoniak Oak
35' 6" in circumference | #2072 of the Live Oak Society

A recent article in Countryroads Magazine caught my attention as we had a huge oak growing right beside our home in Gonzales, Louisiana.  William Guion is documenting Louisiana's most ancient live oaks--the oldest 100 Oaks in the state.  Take a stroll through his photographs and read the article on this project.  I watched our tree grow from a sapling to over 15 ft tall, but it is still growing and enduring.  Oh, the stories they could tell!  

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