Saturday, January 9, 2016

COLOR--Be Calm!

Did you get into the latest 2015 craze?  I wrote about this in another blog several months ago.
I have two or maybe three coloring books for adults.  On the other hand,  I must have (mumble, mumble) children coloring books!  Okay--I was into the craze loooooooong before the "adult" books came out.

It’s about “getting back to basics,” said Karen Larson, a Lathrup Village, MI graphic designer who has designed two adult coloring books.
Larson said coloring books offer an escape from today’s ever-electronic world and let you do something with your hands and be creative.
“It’s addictive, it’s meditative, it’s relaxing,” said Larson. “I find lately I’ve been really overbooked, so I take just a half hour to color and it does the trick. It soothes you, relaxes you. It’s that whole key of getting away from electronics.”
In her area of Detroit, there are even coloring workshops being held at Public Libraries!  Can you believe?!!  I would so be there!

I love love this coloring book that my friend Judy P gave me this summer!  It is designed by
her friend, Susan Schmitt.  I haven't taken the time to color though--it's such an entertaining book, I almost hate to mess it up.

Here is one of the pages from the book.  Did you know: Art has long been considered therapeutic. A 2006 Swedish study found that mindfulness art therapy for women with cancer helped significantly reduce symptoms of physical and emotional distress during treatment.

I found a wonderful coloring book at our local Sprouts Grocery store and here is
the display at the Barnes and Nobles!  Get on the band wagon--break out those
coloring books--whether for adults or children--get some wonderful coloring pens
and relax, mediate and enjoy your therapy!

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