Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Are You Calling Me Chicken??

January must be the month to be called "chicken"!  So many recipes popping up with chicken as the main meat ingredient.  Do you know Erin?  Erin Chase runs 31 days of certain recipes--She is $5 Dinner Mom.

January she is featuring 31 Days of Rotisserie Chicken Recipes--Not that I want to eat chicken for 31 days straight, but these recipes can be saved for future reference.

Then I got my January Cooking Light Magazine and guess what?  It features chicken recipes too!  Is it a conspiracy?
Chicken 25 Ways!  
And Food Network Magazine has recipes for chicken wings!
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner--
excuse me--I'm getting hungry and going to search for some

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  1. We have to be careful of our words! If someone says "chicken" at our house, Oscar snaps his head to attention, waiting for a morsel to be tossed his way. If the chicken shaped plastic box is on the counter, he stands in the kitchen and wolfs quietly to remind us he deserves a treat. So we've had to start saying "poultry" and he hasn't caught on yet.