Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fleece to Finish Project

For those who have fiber animals, here is an opportunity for you to participate in an event.  Many of our past fiber study groups have done a similar project.   Each person in the group chose a sheep breed, did a study of that breed, collect the fleece to distribute to other members of the group.  Then there was the spinning of each breed for our own workbook.  It was a year long study with great results.  We learned about different breeds, quality of their fleece and how it could be useful for our needs.

A link to the actual discussion is here: FLEECE TO FINISH
There will be an emphasis on 3 areas:
  1. Washing/processing fleece January we’ll discuss the washing methods we all use and make up our very own booklet..
  2. Plying February to April will focus on plying methods with a particular look at Andean plying so we can make our own document on plying too.
  3. Finishing items eg knitting, felting, weaving or crochet etc March to April we’ll look at what we do with our processed fleece - ie end products- knitted crocheted felted woven.. Other?

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