Friday, January 8, 2016

365 Challenge

I have done a couple of "365" challenges in my time.  One was photography--posted each and every day--that was a challenge for sure!  Just try to find 365 different and unusual photos to post each day.  You certainly look at life differently doing that challenge.

Here is another challenge for me--this is 365 quilt block challenge!  The challenge?  Make a small block each and every day--don't despair!  The blocks are posted for you through 365 Challenge Quilt website.  There are over 7000 quilters taking this challenge--will you be one?

 The blocks are going to finish at 3"!  Some will finish at 6"! 

Take a look at this photo!  Isn't this a fascinating quilt!  I've always been interested in small block quilts like "Farmer's Wife" but never had the courage to tackle it.  Now, I think this will be easy to tackle a day at a time!

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