Monday, September 14, 2015

Want to Rub a Fish?

Soooo,  you are a fisherman and you either throw the fish back or you save it for the table--now, if you are one of those that say--"it was thisssssssss big" and nobody believes you!  Here is a way to prove the rubbing! It's called Gyotaku--GYO means fish, TAKU means print, rubbing, or impression. It's pronounced ghe-yo-tah-koo.  Early Japanese used this method of recording the size and type of their catch. It wasn't long before they realized that the images were beautiful art.

Isn't this just too cool?  How about a day of play and make some fish rubbings?  Don't have regular fish to use and don't want to go to the fish market?  There are rubber fish!!  Yes, rubber fish you can rub--how eeky is that?   Anyway, Here is another website that offers more information if you want to do some Gyotaku!

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