Thursday, September 24, 2015

Need A Hat--Of Course!

Okay--I'm knitting that cardigan but I need a hat--maybe, one that will coordinate!  Let's have a matching outer wear ensemble!  Woop!  Woop!  I found the perfect way to do that--through Knit Designs by Tian 

Knitting begins October 2nd!

The concept for the Design-A-Long is similar to a "choose your own adventure" where for each section of the hat, you decide. For each section of the pattern, I will send out to newsletter subscribers 2 or 3 stitch patterns and you, the knitter, get to choose which option you want to make. 
Here's how it will work:  
Each Friday for 4-weeks, starting October 2nd, I will send out to subscribers-only instructions containing stitch options. 

Week 1: Cast On stitch amount for multiple sizes along with brim stitch options.
Week 2: Body of the hat
Week 3: Crown decrease options
Week 4: Finishing and Project page update.

At the end of the Designs-A-Long, you will have a completed hat, or 2, 3. Based on the number of stitch patterns, you will be able to easily make 3 different hats. 

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