Thursday, September 3, 2015

Paper--Airplane Art

Oh, to be in Cleveland during September to view this interesting paper exhibit at Morgan Conservatory!  This fascinating exhibit will be presented by bookbinder/papermaker/ letterpress printer Kerri Harding of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who creates site-specific installations on particular themes.  Here 1,000 paper airplanes will be installed!  What a sight this will be!  and how great to have a place that exhibits nothing but paper exhibits.


“The making of Murmuration was long and process-oriented, and provided a time and place for personal reflection of the ever-changing nature of heartache and recovery,” she says. “The scale of the piece, exceeding 1000 airplanes, is a reference to the Japanese legend of the making of paper cranes. It is said that anyone who makes 1,000 paper cranes will be granted a wish or given relief from illness.”
I remember a time when hubby went to an event and one of the exercises was to make paper airplanes--of course, it was an engineering event and these engineers needed to use their skill and knowledge to fashion the perfect paper airplane.  Our son was ecstatic--so he tried his hand at the perfect airplane made from paper.  That was before the use of Google too!  Here is a site that will let you finish that perfect flying paper!
Fold and Fly!

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