Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lesson Learned!

This seems to be my week to learn new things!  It has been said that you should learn at least one new thing each day--in my case, I'm happy if I learn something new each week!
Recently, I've been working on this star block called Emery's Stars from Quiltville.

For me, it is easiest to make half square triangles from printed paper.  I print the pattern from Quilting and Whatnot on regular paper. 
 I wanted this block to be 10.5" so am using finished 2.5" half-square triangles from the website.  I've used this site many times and worked up most of my blocks
and this is the layout so far, but it needs more blocks--this isn't going to make a very large quilt.
so, back to the website to print off more patterns--I worked up several pages, cut them apart
and then measured--
I don't know if you can tell, but these 1/2 triangles are suppose to measure 3" but they are 1/8" off--
do you have any idea what that 1/8" would mean to a block?  Or many blocks?
Back to the drawing board--why were these pages coming out slightly off?  Then, it hit me--like a ton of bricks--I got a new PC and it is running different software--well, duh! that would do it!
That's why the brilliant people at Quilting and Whatnot--have this at the top of their page!!
Measure for Accuracy!  Well, I didn't at first and I wasted lot of time and effort on these 1/2 triangles--(of course, these will be cut down to 2.5" for another project! so not really wasted!) 
Reformatted my brain and printer and printed off the correct size!  and...................
We have the correct size!  

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