Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back To The Basics

It is that time of the year when the weaving study groups begin again after a summer rest.  The other day, I was thinking of how I could get my mind back into the weaving mode again.  So, let's get back to Basics in the weaving world.   I went searching......................................................

and all my searching bought back memories---memories of how and why I began to weave!  and what did I find?  Lots of the way I learned!

Frame Loom weaving!  Yes, this is the way I learned back in 1970's.  So, guess what?
What was old is new again!  How exciting is that?!!
This is an inexpensive way to begin.   I went to the local lumber store (no Big Box stores then!) and got lumber to build a frame--got a ball of cable thread, warped the loom and went over and under with some awful yarn!  But, I was weaving!  Then I visited the local library and found all the weaving books--all two of them--came home and threw myself into learning!  But, the best part of weaving--You can find other weavers who have the same mind set as you!   Hence, you find a wonderful guild and study groups to encourage you on your path to weaving!

Now, you just open your computer and there the whole world is your oyster!
Here are some interesting sites I found to get back to basics.

Pinterest (loom threadings too)

Loom and Spindle

Hey Natalie Jean

Learn to Weave

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