Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tapestry Weaving!

 Tapestry weaving techniques that were used in ancient days are still in vogue today!  Yelp, not much has changed in tapestry weaving.  There are some different approaches to this world of over and under.  There are modern weavers using Tapestry as their avenue of art.  Take Sharon Crary's work--she is manipulating the weft to ripple and wave!

Sometimes Tapestry weavers will use a cartoon for their placement.  

Yarns of many colors are used in this weaving.

The Navajo weavers will use this simple loom

and some will use only the natural sheep color wool~

If you fancy contemporary tapestries, much as Sharon does, check out 
American Tapestry Alliance--this organization promotes tapestry and those who weave
And the love of tapestry goes on and on with artists original work--check out

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