Saturday, February 28, 2015

QuiltCon 2015

"Always choose your life"  Life Lessons According to Regina

QuiltCon 2015: 

Although, in my book, this is a small intimate show, the quilts are anything but small--there are many with bold shapes, design elements--they speak loudly to represent the makers thoughts.
Color contrasts 

Plaids gone awry

Winners in every category--look closely at the quilting

Quilts that make your eyes wander and move in different directions

Maybe, you are a minimalist

or love applique

maybe, you like working with bias tape

or swirly lines

or straight lines

or you like playing EQ7 program to design your top
How about color?  What works?  What doesn't?

QuiltCon has a mixture of techniques to tickle your fancy

I thought this would be a great "orphan" block quilt--

And then you come to the one that just takes your breath away!  Two tops in one quilt!  Well, at least, you could have a revisable quilt!
Tomorrow--Quilting--just for my quilters!

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