Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gift for Julie!

"Burn the candles, use your nice sheets, wear your fancy lingerie.....Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special."  Life Lessons According to Regina

Remember the French Braid that we were squaring up for Expatchers?

We are finished!  This will be a gift for our dear friend, Julie, who is fighting a tough battle with cancer.  Julie, who lives in California, lived, worked, laughed. sewed with us while we were in Venezuela.  She was always one with a bright smile and a happy thought!

  The gals worked on the top with their own stash fabrics.  I'm sorry I wasn't there for most of the creating and sewing. 
Sandy did the embroidery--signing what we felt for Julie--Peace!


And most of all our hearts!
I was there to help stitch down the binding and appreciate the beauty of friendship.
For the label, Judy M penned each of the givers' names in the loops of the heart.

Lovely piece of art for our dear friend Julie...............................we want for her comfort and this  token of our prayers to surround her.

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