Thursday, February 12, 2015


"Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present"  Life Lessons According to Regina
We are in the process of cleaning up my mother's home as she has moved to Assisted Living.  It's amazing what you find in a 94 year old possession.  I've uncovered many papers, lots of magazines, interesting old photos and on the kitchen cabinet--in a corner I found this!!

I jumped with joy!  This was my favorite recipe box back in early 1970's.  I had bought two--one for myself (which was lost in 1976 fire) and this one for mother.   Asphodel Plantation, built 1830, was the place to enjoy a good lunch.  Oh my goodness--I remember the many times we ventured to plantation area in East Feliciana parish - near Jackson and St Francisville.  Louisiana.  Now, I learn that Asphodel Plantation is Movie Studio--still has B&B and there is a small café--wonder if they include some of Marcelle "Nootsie" Couhig's recipe.

And there is the BEST recipe ever for fresh baked bread!  Quick bread!  there was nothing like Asphodel Bread!  Once again we'll enjoy this recipe!



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