Thursday, February 19, 2015

1083 Stitches Later.......................

"Take a deep breath....It calms the mind"  Life Lessons According to Regina

Okay, I took the plunge--at first, I thought I would wait, but then again why wait??  Then again, I'm behind a month.. The thought just kept nagging at me--'do it!  Cast on 1083 stitches.  You can do it!'

Yes, I can!  It took several evenings but here is 1083 stitches--at least, I hope there are 1083.  I put a marker at 100 stitches to keep track and not count 1083!
This is well aged yarn that I got at Brown Sheep Factory Store.  I have three skeins--will only hope it will be enough to finish this mystery project.  If not, we'll come up with something else.  Not to worry now, we are going with 1083 stitches and February's knitting clue from Ravelry group--KOM Rivers Knitting Guild is associated with TKGA located in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

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