Sunday, February 8, 2015

Do You Journal?

"Pay off your credit cards every month"  Life Lessons According to Regina

Do you keep a record of your daily life?  Write down your thoughts?  Save your ideas? 
As a teen, I had a diary!  oh, yes, one of those little booklets that could be locked by a small key--Yes!  But, almost anyone could open that lock with a toothpick.  My brothers could read my most inner thoughts, dreams, inspirations--oh, and heaven forbid, if mother read it! 

Today, we call it "Journaling"!  yes, it's still the same thing, but more accepted.  We can journal all day long and people think you are so insightful!

 this journal is for quilters to keep track of their work!  Me?  I never write down what quilts I made or what fabrics I used.  Probably, would be wise, but I just get lazy. 

I love this journal!  I bought it at weavers' sale one year!

And I use this one!  I saved lots of  print outs, artist cards. etc.

I've turned down pages of things of interest

This was my first journal!  I love this book!  It was given to my by a pen pal, Mary.  She wove the fabric

and made the book!

The bookmark with this journal is special too!

Bobbin lace bookmark that I keep in my other journal.

Just think--how would we know what pioneers ate, how did they sleep, what work did they do, how did they bath, wash their hair, or do any sundry chores--we had their journals to read and digest!
Let's begin a journal of our daily life--we could be interesting to someone in the future.

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