Monday, February 9, 2015

ALL Thumbs!

"Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck"  Life Lessons According to Regina
When it comes to knitting socks on two circulars, I have a mind block!  No, I can do it!  It just takes me some time sorting out the hows.  

I began Buttercup Heroes sock pattern from Ravelry with white (figured I can dye later) on 4 needles.  This is the way I usually begin, thinking I might do one sock at a time.  After the first clue, I know I can knit two on two circulars--okay, here's when the all thumbs problem comes into effect.  I always always get the second one on wrong!  It is never going the same way as the first one!  drats!  I need to go back to short needles and re-add to the circular,  you would think after all these years, I could get it right!

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