Sunday, August 31, 2014


We have made it!  Thirty-one (31) days of August Break!  Writing each day has been therapeutic--an exercise for the brain, needless to say.....................................scheduled routine for the person who likes to 'do it on her own time'!  This has definitely been a "labor of love"!

Enjoy the  weekend!I "Love" knitting--anywhere, anytime!

**Free Pattern Alert!** Swing Dance by McCall's!  Cute snow ball blocks are easy..and all the fun with the setting happens in the sashing!

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#quilt #quilting #patchwork #quiltville #freepatternI "Love" Quilting--using my mind and hands for the benefit of others!

 I "Love" spinning!  Plying the colors through my fingers, knowing these fibers will yield a thread for someone else to "love"!
There is a long list of LOVES
good food
warm days
cool nights
travel to far off places
staying at home
reading a good book
watching a movie
So many THINGS in life to "Love" but most important
true LOVE for my FAMILY and GOD!

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