Monday, September 1, 2014

Time to Quilt-- Do You Have Any Orphans--Blocks, That Is????

What do you do with all those blocks you make that aren't used in a quilt? How about all those extra flying geese, 4patches, 9patches, sundry little blocks you make? You just can't throw them away! How about all those projects begun and not finished? I have one box of UFOs! So, I was very excited and elated when our Bonnie Hunter Club meeting was discussing "orphan" blocks! and how to use them in a quilt. We were talking about backs for quilts; but once, you see how these are laid out--I'm thinking QUILTS!! Here we go:

First off, I bought a flannel backed tablecloth--purchased at discount price!  I've taken some of my 'orphan' blocks and laid them out.  Some of these have been saved for years! And now, we are ready to stitch!  How about this??  All I need to do is add borders and we are set--I'm thinking this will make a nice quilt for gift giving!

Our fearless leader, Jessica, laid this one--have clever!  Begin in one corner and go diagonally!  and alas, Jessica has no qualms about cutting her big blocks in halves or thirds or fourths!  I'm saying "horrors!"   But, it works! and you are using up those 'orphans'!

But, look at this one!  And she has such a nice collection of 'orphan' blocks, she also has a color collection--this one is pink and browns.  So, sort all your colors and go from there!

Can you believe?  It looks great!
Here is another one she has laid out--in batiks.  and she cut some of these into halves and quarters to get a good layout

She began with the large block in the middle, set on diagonal.  And added cut log cabins as corners to square up the block
This one is all green, black and red with some gray thrown in for good measure

This is Judy's 'orphan' block collection--what to do with this assortment?

Okay, we are off and having fun with the layout!  one large block in the middle--other blocks cut in half for the added border--looking good!

We can't believe how many 'orphans' Jessica has!  Here we are working with her purple/gold collection

Then we found another block for the center that would work just as well

keep on building!

Doesn't matter if the block is not all there; just hang it off the side or top.

Here is another one that we worked on from Cheryl's stash--

and I had one more started--it was nice to get some advice from the "master" Jessica and fellow quilter gals.  This is certainly a fun thing to do--it is definitely Play Time when you bring out the 'orphans' and make them a family! 


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