Monday, August 11, 2014

August Break-Day 11 HandWriting

  BY HAND--do YOU?  Or is your writing being done by your computer--just as I am doing now.  Our days

 of learning is long gone.  My dad when he was in school (70 years ago!)  had a class on penmanship (do we even know what that is today?) and oh, yes he had the most masterful signature!  It contained lots of circles and curls and you knew it was him that signed that report card--no forgery there!

Do you struggle with your P's and Q's?  Are your sentences incomplete?  Or do you write text?  LOL, BFF, ADIP, B/C, B/W--and the list goes on for pages! 

OK--yes, we are not alone!  The world has become words of meaningless letters (unless you know or have a reference guide!)  Look at corporations (CBS, NBC, ABC) and organizations (AARP).

Even I don't hand write my letters anymore--when I do hand write--my penmanship looks awful!  So, today I promise to HAND WRITE at least one note! 

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