Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hands--August Break--Day 14

right handprintleft handprint

                                                                      How much do you use your hands each day?
                                                                     Ever stop to look at your hands?
                                                                     I had a supervisor once upon a time that used her hands to talk--don't we all?--anyway, once she had made her point, she would stop, and stare at her hands!  We all thought it was such an odd thing to do!  Maybe, the more I think about it--that's not so odd after all.

Just think of the things you do with your hands every day--thumbs up we thumbs up!

We point  pointing finger       we wash washing hands   we touch   hand hands language family love  hand-touch300.gif clip art people hands

we communicate    sing language hand hands alph a asl  alph_asl_a.gif clip art signs-symbols sign language       we are creative  writing music  

Ours hands say a lot about who we are.................................
young and polished

aged and weathered

oh, my goodness, is that my mother's hand I see before me?!! 
Even though wrinkled and arthritic, my hands can accomplish many tasks of the day. 

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