Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bookshelf--August Break #17

Bookshelves! What would we do without bookshelves?? I love my bookshelves...............why?
Mainly, because, I love books--all sorts of books!  all sizes, all shapes--adventure, romance, action, history, fiction, comedies.  And I love series of books--give me a good author who has written 10-20 books and I'm there!

Our bookshelves hold all manners of objects besides books...

There is a shelf just for cookbooks--doesn't matter if we refer to them often, there are recipes hiding between the pages just waiting to be used

And our bookshelves hold valuable items from family members long gone but not forgotten, especially when we hold these special memories in our hands.

and there are those collections--whimsical and endearing!
Every once in awhile we clear out some books from the shelves but we always hold a place for our delightful angels.

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