Saturday, August 16, 2014

LOOK DOWN! August Break #16

Look Down? How often do we look down? When I'm walking I'll look down to make sure I don't trip over an obstacle. When this topic came up on the August Break schedule, I had to ponder............................should I look down often? Occasionally? Never?
Then it hit me!  There are times when we must "look down"--how about the sidewalk art?  You must admire these masterpieces as you look down!

And yes, we "look down" an aisle as we roam an overstuffed store

And do we "look down" our noses at certain people?

There are the times we "look down" from light to dark

I love "looking down" rolled up hand-woven rugs.  The view can be awesome!

When I'm working away on my projects, I must 'look down' to see the results.

When atop a mighty tall building, we "look down" on the bright lights of the city.  I guess there are reasons to "look down" often.  Hope your day is filled with opportunities to "LOOK DOWN" and see what is in your world. 

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