Monday, August 18, 2014

JUMP! August Break #18

When I decided to go on this journey, there was no hesitation about writing each and every August day.  There have been some topics that boggled my thought process.  These writing opportunities gave my creative juices a chance to flow--not always does a light bulb go off--but, that's good--I must dig deep into the recesses of my brain to pull out a fluid notion.

silhouette of a women jumping  So now I can JUMP for JOY!  For when I begin to think about the word jump--the radio burst forth with the song "Jump"!  And then we were off--there is 21 & 22 Jump Street the movies; girl jumping ropewe are playing with our jump rope (did you ever do the double Dutch?  Not me!)

horse rider  The very next hour, I saw a photo of a friend on her jumping horse--how odd, this popped up at this time! 

football player jumping for the catch  And in the playground near our house, the boys were jumping for the football during practice. 
If only I could get a good photo of Jumping! 
There is a fun zone just for jumping!  There is a JUMP Dance Competition!  There is even a mobile service that is entitled JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone)!

If only the body wasn't so aging, I would be doing some jumping jacks!  Let's all think of jumping!  and maybe, it will burn off some calories.............................

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