Saturday, August 9, 2014

August Break==Day 9 Pieces of Life

Ever feel like your life is in pieces?  Here a piece, there a piece, everywhere a piece!  And are there times when you wonder when all those pieces will fit together in one happy place?
It's like a patchwork quilt--all those tiny little fragments scattered around the room.  But, once sewn in a reasonable pattern, you create one marvelous creation!

And there are those days filled with chaos and hectic routines 
But, upon closer inspection, we can visualize how we break down each section--make it work--just bite off one section at a time. 
Oh My!  what problems surmount daily--how do we fit everything into one nice package?

It is the bigger picture of our life--all those little pieces make us what we are--it can overcome or we can conquer.   how will the pieces of your life fit together? 

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