Thursday, August 1, 2013

HSTS Blues!!

I've got the Blues--real true Blues! The HSTs Blues!   And you are thinking--what the heck is HSTS??  Half square triangles--yes, that is what I've got----

Just when you think all is going according to plan and you have counted the right number of blocks--BAM!  you find out that you have miscounted and you are short 4 blocks!  Well, you might think that four blocks isn't too bad, but when you are working with 80 blocks and you end up with only 76--that can only mean you will need more HSTS for those blocks; each block requires 7 HSTS and when you have been sewing HSTS for so long-----you just want it to end!!

Four blocks to the right that need HSTS period! and 20+ blocks to the left that still need HSTS along the bottom

First we need to print off the right size HSTS from Quilting and Whatnot website

The page is printed 8.5" x 11" but I cut them into thirds to have some interest in the HSTS--easy to sew on small stitch.  Then cut apart, tear off paper and you have the correct size HSTS you need for the project

Okay, this just isn't enough and you want a good variety too!

completed 50+ blocks--just 30 more to go!  And yes, we have the borders already for the final top to be assembled--only if we could finish up with those HSTS Blues! 

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