Monday, August 12, 2013

Wrap Yourself in This!

Another one bites the dust--Off the needles! Hurrah!! Let's all shout from the rooftops! Knitting finished!!
This was begun many weeks ago--a clue a week--another one of those mysteries that I'm so fond of.  This one came from yahoo group--summer shawl mystery.  Yes, I got stuck on shawls for awhile--I just love working those patterns and seeing those charts........

At one point, I thought this would never end, then another clue would come out and I would rush to begin knitting again.  I was behind two weeks once but caught up quickly as the stitches knitted and purled off my needles.  Then at the end of clue 5, I waited for another clue and it didn't arrive--what's the problem??  Answer--me!  I didn't read through the top portion of the clue--after row #1000+ (or so it seemed at times), bind off!   Well, duh!  We are blocking.....................

You can tell from the color change, something happen here--I ran out of the red yarn and had to bring in the stash to finish off the shawl------------

Actually, I rather like it this way! 

In between those days, I wasn't knitting on the shawl, I had these plain socks to knit--I could knit these in the dark if need be; just mindless knitting to keep the fingers and hands active.

Okay, we were in a dread--no shawl to knit--wait, there is that one in the bag that was begun earlier in the spring and brought to Colorado home and left aside thinking there wasn't enough yarn to finish

I picked that up and began knitting--oh, could there just be enough yarn to finish this, it's a good possibility!  Tally ho, knitting is good.................
 Finished!!  Yes!  And it looks great!  blocking and then ready to wear!
This was such a lovely knitting pattern--easy to follow and lovely leaves in the body--"Leaf Evolution" on Ravelry. 

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