Sunday, August 4, 2013

Loom Music

Well, it's about time!!  I finally decided to do something with that 8H Macomber loom that is sitting all alone and looking lonely.  You know these decisions take some time to fully develop.
The idea had been 'perking' in my brain for awhile--why not take all those single handspun silk yarns that have been stockpiling up in the closet and make a useful item?  Yes, pretty to look at but would really be nice if I could wear them for everyone to admire.

Okay, gather them up (and by far this is not all of those silk singles), ply them together--and who cares what goes with what?  It all comes out perfectly fine in the end (we hope!)  Most of these silk singles have been spindle spun too.

Here we have the singles on the bobbins--now, you know it took some time to do that plying, don't you??

wind them on the warping board, two together, for a length of four yards.

I know it looks like a big bundle of tangled yarns--but, fear not...........

Thread through the reed--chosing 10 dent reed with two per dent..........

Through the reed now--still looking like a 'mess'............

Pull through the heddles

Ahhhh, all threaded and not a tangled mess at all--see, there is a method to my warping!

A few header weft threads to make sure all is correct--only one small problem where an extra thread was twisted in the reed--solution easy peazy!  Now, I'm thinking maybe this should be threaded to 24 epi--hmmmmmmm................................

Warped and ready to throw that shuttle-- need to decide what weft to use from the many singles still on hand to be plied..................stay tuned.

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  1. This is going to be stunning. I can't wait for more photos and the finished product.