Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Math is Involved.................

In our journey to make a quilt, we use math including fractions, whole numbers, division of numbers--just to get to the ending.
Remember all these flying geese--I won't forget 224 of one and 224 of the other combination = 448!  A nice whole number

Take the sum of the whole number +  a part of another number =112 of these components

Now we are adding a portion of the 224 to a section that is 4.5 to = 56

That's a nice collection of parts to make up a whole

To which we add more of the portions (112) to make one whole of complete block = 56

Now, take that 56 number and divide into sections of 7 = 8
And we get our answer =

One complete quilt top! 

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