Sunday, July 5, 2009

Three Sisters Scarf #2

Finally! The first roving (Mother & Child) received from Roving Arts has been spun and plied. The roving was split and spun along the length. To finish the yarn, it was balled and then plied from the ball, taking yarn from center pull and outside of ball. This gives an interesting look to the finished yarn. To decide upon a pattern, a search was made through Ravelry . The pattern was from Smoking Hot Needles . There were three scarf patterns that would fit with the yarn. Each pattern was titled Three Sisters Scarves #1, #2 and #3. Okay, which one to knit? Each has a nice chart for the pattern design. Let's do #2 at this time and save the #1 and #3 for the other rovings that need to be spun.
The chart is up front with yarn overs and decreases, slating one way or the other. Pattern repeat was over 12 stitches--not a problem. Off to cast the yarn onto the lovely needles from Knit Picks .
Going okay until row 7 of the chart; not enough stitches. Count, recount, frog and start over again--how many times did this happen? No reason to do a true confession here--it was plenty. Disclaimer: There was just a little distraction going on in the house--the arrival of three teenage grandkids! We can handle this situation--think, think! Then, it was like a light bulb went off! Why not do as you should--separate each pattern repeat with a marker? Well, that worked very well and no stitches have been lost or miscounted. Now, there is no reason to make a mistake even though card games, loud music and dvds or interesting TV shows.


  1. This is lovely. Soft colors and the pattern is great-7th row and all. :)

  2. Thank you for posting's just beautiful. I'll look forward to seeing it progress. I am off now, to check out the patterns you referenced...

  3. Beautiful, beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you achieved your results from spinning. Love the inspiration.

  4. I split my Roving Art roving in half and reserved one half for each of two bobbins. I split each half in half again, lenthwise and spun away. I plied them together right off the bobbins. I would like to try your method of plying it from a center pull ball to see what will happen.
    The local weavers meet at a time that doesn't work for me, so I haven't met them yet. Where can I find more information about the spinning meet in Florida?