Friday, July 10, 2009


Are you a shopaholic? We watched that movie the other night--"Confessions of a Shopaholic", a definite chick flick for sure. As we were viewing what the movie classified as shopaholic, the thoughts running through my brain said 'NOT'!
Shopping is not one of those passions my soul possessions----unless, shopping in a fiber shop! Doesn't matter what type of fiber shop--fabric or yarn--the resistance is very low on the scale. Last week a stop was made at one of the fabulous quilt shops in town. Of course, the thought was to just see what was new on the market; maybe, touch and smell the fabrics, browse through the new kits and books. Then look at the price tags and say "whew, that's too high" but that didn't happen! The prices looked just right!
It seems stitching is back--hurrah!! Stitching combined with quilt blocks look to be riding on a magic wave right now and of course, those are big temptations in my book!
There were the wonderful patterns--

One company that brings temptations to the soul is Crabapple Hill Studio
And the quilt kits; all the fabrics and pattern included! What is better than that?

It is harder to get in your car and drive to the actual quilt/yarn/fabric shop so the internet has made shopping much easier for those who call themselves "shopaholics", but that doesn't include me......oh, yeah there were the dyed rovings that were purchased last month and the books that were just ordered and the............must we go on?


  1. I agree. You aren't a shopaholic until it comes to fiber. out!

  2. I prefer to think it just means we have curious, active minds and the need to keep exploring! FYI: I've been collecting fat quarters for almost 20 years and do not quilt...I just love them. Think of it as nest building...and after the babies have left the nest, there's just so much room to fill up!

  3. Not a shopaholic but rather a discriminating collector. I also have fabric that I love but I don't quilt or sew.

    Yarn and fiber to spin--well that's another matter . ....the more the better.