Friday, July 17, 2009


Yes, it's Friday! and special things happen on Friday in blogland. Over at Alpaca Farm Girl there is a posting of Friday Arts each week. Another site for eye candy is Or Smoking Hot Needles--gotta love that! These are only two of the blogs that feature wonderful handcrafts. The Internet gives us the opportunity to have the whole world at our fingertips. Each of us can testify to the number of hours we have spent researching any given topic via WWW. Too many chances to take the wrong turn to another thought--'oh, let's just go to this page as it looks interesting!' One of those wrong turns took me to Charming Girls Quilt Club at Charming Chatter . This soul is definitely a 'sucker' for any fiber art and as they say "jack of all, but a master of none" is my motto. And to find that the Internet offers such riches of wealth for fiber arts warms the mind and body. Charming Chatter asked some questions that are difficult to answer:

1. Favorite Fabric: Choices, choices, choices-- There are just too many fabric lines out there to even pick a favorite.

2. The pattern most looking forward to sewing: There are numerous patterns that are on the agenda and each has that high anticipation level

3. Food weakness: Well, it's anything salty and sweet!

4. If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd: Try to do more than necessary--oh, wait that already happens!
5. The Best "Life" Advice is: Patience is a virtue.

It's a happening world and we are part of that WORLD WIDE WORLD and ain't it fun?!!

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