Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taylor's Tulips

About 18 months ago 'surfing' the internet brought my attention to a BOM (Block of the Month) group sponsored by Heather Finnell of Burning the Midnight Oil . Heather provided a different block each month for a year. Her directions were clear and precise. Each month the block instructions and cutting directions were on the website link till the middle of the next month. If you missed that month's directions, you could purchase from Heather. There was also a yahoo group to discuss the ongoing month so if there are any problems or concerns, you could bring your questions to the group for answers or assistance. This seems to be the way of the internet lately--which is not a bad practice. The BOM is free till a certain time. Well, the center piecing blocks were done in a timely fashion but then it came to the time to do the applique and this quilt "Taylor's Tulips" had lots of applique!
This summer the blocks were brought together and applique begun. How to do the applique, which isn't my strong suit? Needle turning each of those pieces--NOT--so the next thought was to interface the applique pieces and turn; each piece would be ready for stitcing. Trace each leaf, tulip lip and center onto interfacing, place on wrong side of fabric, stitch around with machine (set on tight stitch), cut out the pieces and turn. Of course, this took some time but this was night work while watching DVR or DVDs and soon the 94 tulip lips and 42 centers plus number of leaves were turned. Let the hand stitching begin and we start with the center block.

Each corner will need applique work.

This is only the center block! And the surrounding blocks will need applique work. The finished quilt is outstanding! We'll looking forward to that final stitch.
There was another BOM project begun in January and this one would last only 6 months. There is no applique involved and the monthly instructions went well except in June we traveled to our summer location, and the decision was made to leave the quilt top behind. This quilt will be finished in the fall--that's okay. It's a stunning quilt top called "Foolish Goose Tracks". We can only hope that Heather will continue with her lovely quilt patterns and they will be offered free! Thanks, Heather!! It's been a great ride.

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