Sunday, July 12, 2009

Non Fiber Related!

Some mornings we walk along the 'greenbelt' area. The greenbelt is really along a wildlife preserve and no mowing has taken place this summer along the walkway so you will walk through towering bamboo and other shrubs. There are some small trees along the walk as well. The kids play in this area, which could simulate a jungle, a forest or just a plain good hiding location. We can envision youngsters snickering as they crouch behind a tree or in the high brush. There are numerous bunnies munching along the pathway and some nights, especially during a full moon, we can hear the call of coyotes. There must be deer and other interesting creatures hidden there as well but never seen with the naked eye. Birds flutter from wildflower to weed, of which there are plenty. The thistles are six foot in height and they loom overhead. Knowing they are a true weed, they are still flowering beautiful and will provide food for birds and other wildlife. There is little sounds except for the occassionally dog bark and the tweeting of the birds that visit to search for their meal of the day. It is a pleasant walk, down hill, but we always remember that we must walk home UP hill once we finish the 'greenbelt'.

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