Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who or What is Albuquerque?

Albuquerque--"The city in New Mexico, U.S., is named for a Spanish viceroy of New Spain, Francisco Fernandez de la Cueva Enriquez, Duque de Alburquerque y Marques de Cuellar (viceroy from 1701-1711). The story has it that, in 1706, provisional governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdes suggested that the town be named after the viceroy as incentive for the viceroy to grant villa status to the town, which didn't quite meet villa standards (requiring 30 families to be living in the area; there were only 18 at the time). The governor got what he wanted and the viceroy got his name in lights, as it were. The full, original name of the villa was San Francisco de Alburquerque. Phillip V of Spain apparently did not like that name and changed it to San Felipe de Alburquerque (not a bit narcissistic, that Phillip). The king's concern with such details didn't pay off in the end, as the San Felipe de was dropped from the town's name (just takes too long to say!)." Take Our Word For It site.
Yes, a visit to Albuquerque is in our grip. First off, it was necessary to learn how to spell that interesting, unusual word--how many q's and how many u's? That would be a good game show question!
A day on the town yielded some insight into the history of the original settlers--the Pueblo Indians. Prehistoric are the Petroglyphs, which dot the landscape that dates over 150,000 years. Archaeologists estimate that ancestors of today's Native people carved these symbols of images into the rocks from 3,000 years to 700 years ago. As we traversed along the rocky outcrops, one can't help to imagine about those people and why did they leave some interesting writings for us to discern.

The next logical place to visit is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, representing 19 New Mexico Pueblos. A center that features museum offering a showcase of Pueblo history and accomplishments; gift shop for Native art pieces and exhibition gallery,featuring contemporary artistry of Pueblo and other Native people of the Southwest. And no place would be complete without an eating establishment that gave you all the local flavor of green and red chilies.

"Peaceful Warrior Prayer"
The Peaceful Warrior's prayer
is a healing prayer, spiritually singing
to the Global Community
about living in harmony
upon our Mother Earth.
To reunite the spiritual circle
of the human family.
To remain us all
of the sacredness of life
and to walk gently with dignity, integrity,
respecting one another
and our differences."
Estella Lovetto, author

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