Sunday, July 19, 2009

TWO down, ONE to go

Here we go--only one more of the Roving Art pieces is to be spun--that's quite an accomplishment in my book; doing two out of three within the last month. The last two rovings have been interesting to spin. The wool feels good as the fibers slip smoothly through your fingers. As the fibers wind onto the bobbin, thoughts form in the brain: is this the best way to spin? And which way to spin the roving (split down the middle, split along the side, spin all one color at a time, spin from the fold, graze, random pull, etc. So many different techniques. And once the 4 oz roving has been spun, the next decision is how to ply--from two bobbins, from the ball, from center pull of ball and outside ply, Navajo ply, two, three, four ply or just single ply. No reason to divert from the usual--split the roving in small slivers lengthwise and spin; then ply from ball, using center pull and outside--makes a great two ply yarn everytime.
Okay--those decisions are made, next on the agenda--what to create from this finished yarn? Browse through numerous patterns to find just the perfect one to fit the finished yarn or should the yarn just relax and lie around in the basket, looking pretty? Browsing is good! You find so many wonderful patterns that are just perfect for your spun yarn--or maybe, for the next yarn that is to be spun.
Here is the latest Roving Art piece, using a pattern from Knitty Winter, 2007. The headband is 'Quant' using entrelac knitting technique--one of my all time favorite knitting skills!
But, just who is this piece named after? Mary Quant? Who is she? Research, research brings us to find her Mary Quant Well, you can learn something new every day!
Since we are in a different location for summer, we have to improvise some equipment. We are recycling!

It's not pretty but it's functional. There is something to do with that beat up Amazon box and a wooden skewer. Works well to wind onto ball winder, which we do have.
Tally-ho, it's off to spin another roving and make plans for the finished yarn use.


  1. Your yarn is great, thank you for sharing. I love entrelac also, and it's perfect for your yarn.

  2. Wow! Your yarn turned out so pretty! But of course it would with those beautiful colors! And I love your choice of project, the Quant also intrigued me, but I have yet to start one. Once again, thanks for sharing. I love your lazy Kate too.