Monday, November 21, 2016

Wovember Or Sheep, Sheep, Sheep!

WOVEMBER is about…

* recognising that WOOL is a premium textile which comes from an actual sheep, and
that – as such – the terms WOOL, WOOLLY and WOOLLEN should only be applied to real WOOL and not, for instance, to polyester or viscose.
* celebrating the important heritage and contemporary value of WOOL through our 100% WOOL stories, blog posts, pictures, textiles, and garments.
* educating and informing the wider public of the wondrous qualities of WOOL.
* creatively pushing the idea that the word WOOL should refer to sheep’s WOOL only.
*reconnecting the idea of WOOL to the animals and people involved in its creation and manufacture.
* campaigning for a clarification of trading standards to prevent further misuse of the term WOOL.

Enter the WOVEMBER COMPETITION by sending us a 100% wool photograph for the WOVEMBER gallery. (Fabulous 100% WOOL prizes are on offer!)
* Have fun WITH WOOL!!!

To involve yourself with WOVEMBER, you can…

* endeavour to wear as MUCH WOOL AS POSSIBLE throughout the month of WOVEMBER, and tell everyone about the unique qualities of WOOL.
* sign the WOVEMBER PETITION to support changes to textile trading standards and product descriptions.
* TALK ABOUT WHAT WOOL MEANS TO YOU throughout WOVEMBER on your blogs, sites, facebook pages, twitter feeds, and other social media.
* PUBLICISE WOVEMBER by sharing our button (below) and linking to this site.
* send us WOVEMBER stories about sheep, wool, knitting, weaving or other endeavours which celebrate WOOL in all its sheepy glory!

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