Sunday, November 6, 2016

For Baby's Warmth

When I make baby receiving blankets, I will buy 1.5 yds of snuggle flannel--
it also takes 1.5 yds for the back.  Usually, the blankets will take only the width of the fabric=
1.25 or 45" wide.  After the flannel has been washed, it will shrink slightly, which
gives me at least .25 yd left for other purposes.  Recently, I took all those quarter
yards and cut them into 6" squares.  I left them for decisions later.
When I heard that a local charity needed receiving blankets for newborn babies,
I knew there was an opportunity to use those squares so I sewed them into a
nine patch--some I coordinated

Then I cut the squares into quarters or did nine patch disappearing block
I tried to place the blocks so there were not many match ups--this will be a
nice size blanket

Here's a good video on that step.
Doesn't matter where the colors hit--love using my 'leftover' fabric
to be creative for a great purpose!

I had this large piece of pink and decided to border it with the 6" squares
I might add more once my order of flannel arrives this week.
There is still some handwork to be done on these but I know that
a baby will enjoy the warmth of my sewing.

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