Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I recently came across an article from Civil War Blog by Barbara Brackman that jogged my memory of a covering that we wore when we worked on the plantation demos.
Then again, Outlander book and TV series has also featured this interesting weaving apparel. 

I knew it by Bosom friend as it covered your  front to keep you warm during those cold days as we did our demos.  This type of garment stayed tucked into the back and did not hang loose to fall into an over pit fire as you cooked in the hearth. Here we have another name --Sontag--and you can find many different patterns and styles that fit that title

Sontag, Habit Shirt and Bosom Friend----- a small shawl

Cephaline - something to wear on your head

What a fascinating history about Sontag or Cephadine!  

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  1. So interesting to see how we parallel each other. I used to do demonstrations in costume (American Revolutionary War, American Civil War, and prairie settler), cook and dye over an open fire, spin on various wheels, and I quilt too. I had to smile when I saw the En Provence tag in your sidebar. Another Bonnie fan! It is always nice to come across someone else who "gets it."