Saturday, November 12, 2016

Impulse Buy

There it was!  This awesome looking sock blank from The Loopy Ewe was staring me in the face--I so love
orange or shades of orange and the blue combined gave this fiber the look
of ME!  So, without hesitation I ordered immediately!  I don't do that
often as I like to use my stash--of which I have plenty!
But, this was right there--right in front of my face!  How could I resist?
It wasn't long before the fiber arrived and my first thoughts were--
what do I do with this?  I don't want socks--no one would see them.

Now, the search was on to find the right pattern--there are so many out there
that use gradient yarn--nothing really caught my eye 
this pattern popped up
and it was free!  Oh, how I like free! 

Shells and Tide  would be just perfect!  Alas, there isn't enough yardage to knit this yummy scarf--
oh well, I have the perfect pattern for another yarn.

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